Unique laboratory equipment makes possible to perform natural simulation and calibration of impulse action on full-size core samples

Widening application boundaries

For expertise and development of portfolio technologies Terratec has its own laboratory, and has the opportunity to attract laboratories of partner institutions.

As part of the laboratory equipment, Terratec has a unique filtration bench, which allows to model a shock and explosive stresses in situ.

In 2017 the filtration bench was equipped with electrical generator of pressure pulses, which allow creating impulsive load without use of explosives.

The bench is designed to estimate the change of porous medium reservoir properties under dynamic influences.

Currently focus of our R&D department is on:

  • Increasing efficiency of existing technologies
  • Screening of new chemical solutions for field application
  • Automatization of technological process
Also, we are constantly working to find new solutions for technology adaptation to hard to recover reserves, which includes:

  • Carbonate reservoirs
  • Heavy oil reservoirs
  • Oil shales
Terratec invites customers to provide core materials, oil samples and water compositions to obtain an optimal design for their field. Terratec is open-minded company, ready to discuss recent results of our R&D department as well as directions of future research with you.